Do you have your smart meter yet?

Monday, March 29, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 2:08 PM

Hydro one is rolling out the smart meters. This is a device that records when and how much hydro you use and sends it by the hour to Hydro One.

Here is an out take of Hydro One's page about Smart Meters.

Why do we need Smart Meters?

Between now and 2025, Ontario must build almost a whole new electricity system. This includes replacing about 80 per cent of our current generating facilities as they retire over time, and expanding the system to meet future growth. Building new supply is vital. So is conservation. That's why the Government of Ontario is introducing new tools like smart meters that will encourage all of us to think more about how and when we use electricity. Smart Meters when teamed with Time-of-Use prices are new energy management tools to help customers manage their electricity use and costs, reduce the need for additional power generation during peak periods and create real supply and environmental benefits.

Hydro One

Hydro One will be able to create a profile on you. When you are usually home, When you are not home, how much power you consume (and what times of the day you consume it). Then bill you for those time frames that your usage is higher.

They can also turn your hydro off (remotely) if they decide you have used too much power in that day.

There is no where on the website that says that your information will not be shared with 3rd parties as well. Hydro One can sell that information to other corporations and governments without your consent.

These Smart meters are not just an option. Hydro One says that the meters and power lines are there property. You cannot refuse to have the new meters installed. Well you can but your hydro will be turned off.

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