Bill Clinton is coming to Windsor

Monday, March 29, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 4:52 PM

After finding put that Sarah Palin is coming to Hamilton Ontario on April 15 2010 for a charatable event. We have now been told that Bill Clinton is coming to Windsor on that same day. Also for a charatable event. Mr. Clinton will be attending the Enviro Expo at the Ceasers Windsor convention center.

The Enviro Expo is a green consumer lifestyle show. They call it an educational and fun way to learn.

There will be more info about this coming soon!

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  1. Fastlane says:

    Thanks for posting this about Bill Clinton coming to Windsor. If anyone is interested in Coming to Windsor to ask Ol' Bill some real questions or just to hand out fliers and DVD's, you can email me at:

    We Are Change Windsor

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