Problems in the race for Mayor?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 5:06 AM

I want to start off by saying that I don't support any of the candidates as of this point. In the process of doing some research on all of the candidates for the mayor Brantford, I have come across some startling information.

This information is about one candidate, Chris Friel. I will start in the beginning.
I added Chris on Facebook last spring. We were able to have some good conversations about Freemason and other secret societies symbolism in our city. When he announced that he would be running for mayor, I noticed that he is employeed by a large pharmaceutical company named ACIC Fine Chemicals / Methapharm. There website can be found here: ACIC.

So me being me, I made a comment about that. The response I received from Chris, was that he was very upset that I would bring that up and that I knew nothing about it. I asked him to clarify it for me through email or with an in person interview. I have still not received a response to that. Then a friend of mine Tim Moorly (who has had extensive issue's with big pharma) started to make comments about his company. Chris then sent me an email accusing Tim and myself of harassment.

I decided to back off until I had done some more research.

Fast forward to September, I was given a conversation between a friend and Chris.
In this conversation Chris is very elusive and tries several times to change the topic. What bothered me the most is how quickly he label it all conspiracy theory, that is was a federal matter and not a mayor's, and to see what the other candidates think about it.

Here is that conversation:

Chris Friel September 16 at 10:29am Report
Neither of the issue you continue to post about are municipal issues. If you have a concern regarding these issues you should contact your federal or provincial representatives.

Neither of these issues are issues I am willing to discuss on my fanpage, I'm sorry if that means you can't support me, but I won't change my stance on these non-municipal issues.


Awaken Skeye September 16 at 10:35am
im sorry you feel that way .. protecting the city you claim to love is not a federal issue otherwise that would not have a mayor position

Chris Friel September 16 at 10:39am Report
You don't know enough about me well enough to question my commitment to my community. I don't agree with your concerns, this doesn't mean that I am not committed; it means I am committed to the things I can do something about. You are free to remove your fanpage membership
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Awaken Skeye September 16 at 2:14pm
but you could do something my friend you are aware and know the truth about these issues everyone does even the regualr joes now ... if we cant look to our mayor for help maybe your not ready for the job ... that saddens me very much

Chris Friel September 16 at 2:31pm Report
You clearly don't understand the role of a Mayor. There are so many important issues that need to be addressed -- affordable housing, poverty issues, better paying jobs, the waterfront, building relationships. This is what a Mayor should spend time on. Feel free to investigate the other candidates and see if anyone is interested in your causes.
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Awaken Skeye September 16 at 2:35pm
i certainly will man i wish we had ron paul

Chris Friel September 16 at 2:43pm Report
Really, you are comparing Brantford Mayor with US Pres candidate? Ok. I wish you luck in your search. If you ever want to discuss real issues, with real impacts on people's lives, I am always open.
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Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:04pm
real issues chris? i dont want to argue or say your not a good man thats why i was shocked when you said you could do nothing .. you know they are posioning our water spraying our people and our land .. i grew up here and love this city ... please listen to the people and defend us .. housing and jobs wont mean alot when no one is well enough to work ..

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:09pm Report
You saying I am not a good man because I don't agree with you? I care about people not conspiracy theory, I work to make people's lives better and that is better accomplished focusing on their needs and issues. Don't you dare question me as a good man -- you have no right to pass judgement on others. Please just remove yourself from the fanpage and I will remove you as a friend contact.

Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:10pm
no not at all i said you were a good man thats why i thought you would help the people of brant

Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:10pm
your being very evasive about my questions

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:12pm Report
I do help the people of Brantford, in real constructive and real time ways. making sure a child has food in his or her belly every morning is way more important that worrying about something that I have no ability to influence...feed a child, you will actually accomplish something

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:13pm Report
what am i being evasive about?

Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:16pm
you are in the goverment you know what they are doing to us feeding children has nothing to do with chemtrails and flouride in the water and the american union ... you have hurt alot with this revolution about you chris ... you could be our rock our hero yet you bow down to the elite that you now say are a conspiracy .. and yet you worry for your children .. wake up chris you could save a whole town if you stood up for truth

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:19pm Report
I don't know what you are talking saddens me that you live in such a place where theory is more important than children. You have no concept of what a Mayor does, please just stop sending me these messages.

Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:20pm
dont worry chris im done but i will let the world know how you feel i have a right to protect my city

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:21pm Report
and I will let the world know what you think...

Awaken Skeye September 16 at 3:22pm
thankyou that will wake many ..

Chris Friel September 16 at 3:22pm Report
and don't misrepresent what I said here, because I will keep this email string


After seeing how he seemingly has no concern about the toughts and issue's of many people in our city, I started my research back up.

Very quickly I found a large problem. According to his Facebook fan page his employeer as I said before is ACIC Fine Chemicals / Methapharm. It also gives his position with the company. Director of Corporate Development, and the job description is: Oversee Human Resources, Corporate Strategy, Facility and IT Services.

OK big deal right? Now look at his economic platform from his site:

Economically Diverse
Brantford must reinvent its economy to reflect the changes in our society. We need to diversify our economy and focus on higher paying jobs that people can use to buy a house and raise a family.
Brantford will:
•Look to new economic sectors like green technology and the pharmaceutical industry;
•Tie our post-secondary initiatives to the new economy and seek new relationships and benefits for the future;
•Eliminate existing barriers and forge new relationships with the County of Brant and Six Nations, so that we all benefit from economic growth and prosperity.

So lets get this straight.. A Director of Corporate Development from a Big Pharma company wants to become mayor (for a second time) and expand the green technology and the pharmaceutical industry. He also does not like anyone to ask about it, or any other real issues.

Are we really going to just sit back and keep taking this corporate control of our community? This one campaign alone has a huge conflict of interest, and out right refusals to answer questions! He says that what is in our water and air is a federal matter? Oh yeah and don't forget the North American Union. Even though it has been covered on countless main stream media outlets, and Brantford is already feeling the heavy effects of NAFTA (the ground work for the NAU), its just crazy talk right? And has no impact on the poverty situation (you know people having jobs wouldn't have any effect at all would it).

But where is Brantford's main stream media on topics like this? Buried under corporate control of coarse.

It is time to say enough is enough!! Ask questions and demand answers!

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  1. Im more worried about his need to be a PHILOSOPHER KING,.. HE want to redefine your role as a citizen,... WHO IS HE TO DEFINE YOU! NATIVES ARE A SLIPPERY SLOPE, and hard to define as a Citizen,... BE CAREFUL,... of STANDARDIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks but no thanks your FIRED!~

    Progressive Government

    We must always work to make local government a tool for positive growth and change. People want to trust their local government, and it is this relationship that we must constantly encourage to develop in a constructive manner.

    Brantford will:

    * Create a Citizens Bill of Rights, so that every citizen now and in the future understands what they can and should expect from their elected representatives;
    * Include a Taxpayers Statement of Rights, to help focus the future of our community;
    * Review Council processes to ensure the most efficient and effective system possible;
    * Enhance the relationships between Council and its boards and committees;
    * Engage the public, business and political entities to have a say in how our government should function.

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