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Friday, September 24, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 12:12 PM

Now that we are heading into the fall and winter months, it is so much more important for people to be eating properly and getting enough Vitamin C & D.

For low income families and the homeless this is not an easy task. They can receive help from various food banks, but about 95% of the food they recieve is processed and frozen. With very low nutritional value.

We want to change that with the Health Bank!

Our Goal is to provide highly nutritional raw foods to these people in need as well as providing vitamins to them. In the colder months nutrition and proper vitamin levels can be just as vital as a winter coat, and a warm place to stay.

Once a week we will go to the local food banks with as much as we can and hand it out to the people. But to be effective we need your help.

Think of the difference that one bottle of chewable vitamin D can make for children in a lower income family. Or the difference that a bunch of banana's and a bag of oranges could make.

Even a $1 donation from enough people can make a huge difference in our neighbors lives! And if you are unable to donate please pass this around to everyone that you know.

Thank you.

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