The strong Canadian economy?

Friday, August 6, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 12:44 PM

CBC news

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday he's not considering a second round of government economic stimulus — at least not for now — after Statistics Canada reported the country lost 139,000 full-time jobs in July.

Harper, emerging from Rideau Hall after a minor cabinet shuffle, said he does not believe the Canadian economy is slipping back into recession."

The Stimulus package that Stephen Harper brought to Canada is now running out, and Canadians are now loosing jobs again. Maybe after a few more months of this will get some people to wake up to the fact that the Stimulus was just prolonging the inevitable. That relying on private banks that charge compound interest on our money, is a system designed to put us under control of the elite. The current economic system if unchanged will lead us to slavery!

And Remember this is why we cant have an election! Stephen Harper is quoting as saying "Canada cannot allow a break in its economic recovery plan with an unnecessary election."

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