Poison in the tap water campaign

Saturday, August 14, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 12:49 PM

We have been working very hard to have fluoride removed from our water supply. We have spoken at city council, were honoured to have Dr. Paul Connett do a town hall meeting, and are still to this day working on the petition.

Infowars.com has started a campaign called "there is posion in the tap water". We would like to take part in this campaign, but rather then using normal sized signs. Our idea is to have a billboard in our city. That would look something like this:

But we need your help. Funding for a project is quite high, and we have minimal financial support. Please help us make this a reality.
We do understand that times are hard for everyone, but even donations of $1 will add up.

Lets do this and bring awareness of what is in our water!!!

Thank you

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