Our economy on the rebound? Dont count on it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 7:21 AM

Stephen Harper continues to say we are watching, and the global (never a word about the Canadian) economy is fragile. And that they are working very hard. But Mr. Harper and his cabinet never elaborate on what they are working on.

In the month of June our trade deficit widened to 1.1 billion, and Canada's merchandise exports fell 2.5 per cent. Then in July we lost 139,000 full time jobs.

In these same two months our government has spent 1.2 billion on the G20/G8 summits, announced the spending of 16 billion on 65 new fighter jets, and an estimated 9 billion on new jails.

The G20/G8 Summits did not help anything with our economy. The new fighter jets are being purchased in a time that Canadian soldiers are exiting from Afghanistan, and our country has no creditable threat from any nation or groups.

The plan for the new prisons is the biggest fiasco. Crime rates in Canada are down, but according to Stockwell Day, the new jails are for the unreported crimes...

In just those three examples, we are spending nearly 30 billion dollars on unnecessary and unjustified things, while our economy just keeps slipping further and further into the abyss.

We cannot forget the Canada Economic Action Plan though. I am going to use Brantford for an example on this.
In Brantford nearly 25% of our economy and jobs are in the manufacturing industry.

In the last few years our manufacturing base has lost a large number of jobs with the closures of factories like Patriot Forge, Dekka, and ITML just to name a few.

So what has been done by the action plan to help this. Well some of the projects include. Renovations to city housing, road repairs, Renovations to recreational facilities, and a new commercial hanger for the small airport that we have.

Can you make any sense of this?

I can. Our economy is going the way of every other nation that gets it's money supply from private banks. The Canadian Economic Action Plan is nothing more then a sad attempt to make it look like something is being done to fix the problem. When in reality it is only prolonging the inevitable, if not making it worse.

Our government is spending money on new military hardware, and on new prisons because they know this. They are expecting for things to get bad. Couple this with the national disasters in China and India right now, that could potentially cause major food shortages and this could be coming very soon.

There is no fix in sight other then abolishing the privately run money and credit system that we are under, but most of the people have become way to trained to accomplish this.

Think about it. Why would a government spend that kind of money on military hardware, and jails if they did not feel that they are going to be needed in the near future?

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