Brantford Police shoot an 18 year old, is this a rare event?

Thursday, August 26, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 3:23 PM

On Wednesday August 25Th 2010, Brantford police responded to call about a man that was acting in a violent manner.

This man was 18 year old Evan Jones. Very little has been released about the incident, but here is what we know. At 9:51 p.m. Officers had an interaction with an 18-year-old male outside and then inside the residence. During these "interactions" four shots were fired. Evan was hit in the chest with one shot and pronounced dead at the scene. To my understanding at this point Evan was unarmed.

A neighbor of Evans was quoted: "They didn't need to shoot him. He was threatening to harm himself not the police."

The Brantford police shot and killed an unarmed 18 year old boy. But is this a rare event for the BFPD? Lets look at some of the newspaper articles over the last few years.

Brantford police officer charged with child porn
(Full story HERE)

London police have charged a Brantford police officer, who lives in Woodstock and was already facing Police Act charges, with possession of child pornography.

Police said the man was arrested Monday and the investigation was launched after police received a complaint about child pornography on his computer.

A source said the officer lived in London at the time of the offence, but no other details were immediately available.

Timothy McPhee, 34 years, of Woodstock is charged with possession of child pornography.

SIU twice investigated disgraced city officer
(Full story HERE)

A city police officer who pleaded guilty to cocaine possession this week shot at a stolen van in 2007, injuring a teen aged passenger.

Const. Jeffrey Servos, who admitted in Ontario Court on Monday that he had used cocaine while on duty in June 2007, shot off four rounds into a van that was boxed in by police cruisers on May 27, 2007.

Two of the shots went through the van's windshield and one of them hit a 15-year-old who was a passenger in the van. The girl was treated for a gunshot wound to her left arm.

Servos testified that he feared for himself and another officer when he shot at the vehicle.

The shooting took place just over a day after police received a tip that an officer named Jeff was buying painkiller pills. Servos had a two-year history of drug problems at that point.

These three stories are only a drop in the bucket. While out doing street actions, we get to speak with countless people in our community. They tell us the stories that dont make the headlines.

Without using names or specific details I will tell one of them.
While speaking with a woman about the state of our society, we began speaking about the police. She said her teenage daughter had gotten into a little bit of trouble and was on probation. One of the probation rules she was given was a 11pm curfew.

On a spring night around 10pm she was pulled over (just for walking down the street). The officers asked her what she was doing. The girl responded, walking home.
The officer rudely responded with "are you sure that you are not out here sucking dick?"

The 2 police officers then placed the teenager in the back seat of the police cruiser without cause. The girl continually asked what is going on? The officers simply told her to shut up.

After an hour of this treatment, the officer looked back at her and said its past 11pm, and you are in breach of your probation.

After telling her that she was going to be charged for this, they called her mother.

After all of this the mother and daughter fought hard enough to have any charges dropped. But this story really shows the mentality of some of the police officers in our community.

Or how about the infamous story of Jacob Less? The video can explain what happened to him much better then I could.

These kind of stories about police corruption are pouring in from all over Canada, and the rest of the world. We as a people in the Brantford community need to start standing up for ourselves. No one else is going to do it for us.

We need to make sure that the people that are hired to protect and serve our community, do so. Not the opposite.

Not all of the police officers are corrupt. There are many of them that are great peace officers and I have a great deal of respect for them. But when faced by this corruption they stand down. And to these officers I would like to say this.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
If you stand aside and let evil run wild on our streets, you might as well take part in it because you are just as guilty as the corrupt!

We need you good officers now more then ever! Please stand up and take a stand with the people in our community.

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