Ontario's new illegal eco tax

Saturday, July 10, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 1:16 PM

On July 1st 2010 the Province of Ontario and the Province of British Columbia started using the HST tax system. But what no one was aware of, is that Ontario also passed a new eco fee (tax) system.

Here is a quote from a Toronto Sun article on the eco tax.
The Toronto Sun

“This smells like a tax, looks like a tax, how is this different from a sales tax?” Todgham Cherniak said. “What you’ve got is the tax being passed on from someone to the consumer which means it’s an indirect tax, and under the Constitution Act... the province can only impose direct taxes, they can’t impose indirect taxes.”

Both Fruitman and Todgham Cherniak pointed to the tire tax, where the consumer pays a fee at the disposal site, as a legally acceptable way to recoup the cost of recycling a product.

Instead, under the program set up by Stewardship Ontario, a fee is charged to the “brand owner” or importer of a designated product and then passed onto the consumer either in the sticker price or as an eco fee added at the cash register.

This really shows how corrupt and Illegeal our government is becoming. On the same day that they impose a federal tax grab (HST), they also pass an illegal indirect eco tax. All of this done just days after the G20 summit. Where the Toronto police, and the other police services directly violated the Canadian Charter Of Rights.
You know that little section of the charter that's protects us against unreasonable search and seizure. That Chief Blair had no problem disregarding while he imposed (what I call the fake law) the Public protection Act. Which countless people are still being detained under!

So far main stream media outlets have picked up the story. But I fear that the public outrage is going to be temporary. Like we see with so many other issues.

So how can we fight this illegal tax? The answer is very simple. Boycott any corporation or store that enforces the eco tax.

We need to start fighting back!

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