Possible False flag at the upcoming G8/G20?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 6:41 PM

I do not like to jump the gun on the possibilities of a false flag terrorist attack. But when I saw this report, something just did not seem right.

Just before the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games, there were reports of large amounts of ammonium nitrate fertilizer "missing". This was covered heavily on the Internet and even on a few MSM news stations. Thankfully nothing happened.

Now only weeks before the G8 in Huntsville and the G20 in Toronto, CTV news is reporting that a mysterious man purchased a large amount of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in the Niagara area late last month, and that Several law enforcement agencies are investigating the case.
CTV news

I see there only being to scenarios.
First one is that the RCMP likes to use the excuse of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, to have the people accept the draconian levels of security at an event (in this case the G8/G20).
Or That these are attempts at a false flag event in Canada. The first one abandoned due to the attention the story recieved.

I would personally prefer neither of these, but I sincerely hope it is the first scenario.

Updates to this story will be coming soon.

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