June 26th protests at the Toronto G20

Sunday, June 27, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 12:43 PM

When we arrived in Toronto at 10:30am, things were somber. About 10 police at every corner, but not many people in the streets.

We saw a few people being harrased by gangs of police.
In this picture it shows about 9 police officers circled around 1 man.

Things quickly changed around 2 pm. When the "official" march began. In the march were many groups and organizations, such as a local union, oaxfoam, Greenpeace, the communist party of Canada, Anti globalization groups, maternal rights groups all along with protesters not affiliated with any groups.

I really did not expect to see Greenpeace protesting for a carbon tax, or for the maternal rights group to be protesting without being fully informed on the topic.
The proposed maternal rights plan brought forth by Stephen Harper, calls for Canada to give 5 Billion dollars in aid. Other contributors are people like Bill Gates (who has pledged 2.5 Billion). Gates as many of us know is an admitted Eugenius, with a goal of world depopulation.

The protests did remain fairly peaceful until about 3pm. The police then started to make attempts at boxing the people in. In this process I personally witnessed police officers attacking a woman, for not moving quick enough. Thankfully most of the people in the protest were aware of what was happening, and were able to get out of the boxed in zones. This is when we saw the black block appear. We saw a group of them run by us.

The next thing we knew there were windows smashed, and a police car burning. As if nothing had happened the police still continued to try to box the protesters in. They must have made at least 5 attempt at this within a hour. With the protesters recognizing it every time.

Around 5pm things started to cool down a little bit, so we took a break and met up with our team. Shortly after That we found out that police were randomly arresting peaceful protesters on Bay St. and King St. Then the police started to attack protesters at Queens park (These were peaceful protesters that were attacked).

After Queens park we decided to call it a day, and head home. On our way to the car we went down Young St. This is when I saw the craziest part of the day!

People were shopping and walking around as if nothing was happening. Only 2 or 3 blocks away riot police were attacking protesters, and several blocks the other way riot police were facing off with protesters. This is a great sign of the kind of trouble we are facing. People can be 2 blocks away from a total police state, and pretend like it is not there.

kinda like that saying. Hear no evil, see no evil. As long as there were buildings blocking the view of what was happening they were ok. To scared to recognize what was happening.

Thankfully we had the megaphone with us. Chance used the megaphone all the way to the car. Telling the people boarding up windows that Stephen Harper would pay for that, and to send him the bill. Along with things like your city is becoming a police state but don't worry about that. Please just keep shopping.

Overall that was an insane event, and many videos will be coming soon.

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