And the G20 in Toronto begins

Thursday, June 24, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 8:30 PM

On the day before the g20 officially kicks off, the police really made there presence known. Charlie Veitch from the love police has been detained for not showing his Id. Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change New York was also denied entry into Canada.

A man was also arrested in Toronto for having a car load of weapons. Which included some gasoline, an axe, and a cross bow. None of these items are illegal, and sound like items that some one going camping or has recently gone camping would have.

Another report was that a "weapons cache" was found. This "cache" consisted of a few broken peices of cinder block in some bushes.

If this is the way that security is going to be handling this event. We are in for a very long weekend!

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