Welcome to the police state in Hamilton Ontario

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 12:03 PM

On April 15Th 2010, Sarah Palin attended a Charity event in the city of Hamilton.

Many truthers in the area agreed to come out, and attend the event. So we could give Sarah a nice big Welcome to southern Ontario.

I arrived at Carmen's banquet hall a 3pm. Surprisingly I was the only one there other then police and a few msm people. At 4pm I decided to talk to the camrea guy for CHCH news. Two men in suites immediately asked me to leave the property. They told me to stand at the curb.

I did so. I moved to a bus stop on the sidewalk. I had time to shoot a short video clip and have a drink of vegtable juice. A police officer then came over and asked me for my info. When I respectfully declined, he became very aggitated. He then told me I had to cross the street. I asked in a relaxed tone if this was a public sidewalk? His response was cross the street now!

Being there alone and without the camera running I decided to comply. I crossed the street and sat down on a patch of grass. At the same time I noticed another person, down the street a little more. He was sitting down and painting a sign.

Not even 5 minutes later another police officer and a man in a suite pulled up in a police vehicle. Once again asking who I was and why I was there. I respectfully declined to give my info again.

The police officer began telling me how in a large event, the police have to ID everyone, to ensure public safety. Further in the conversation the man in the suite (who was sitting in the passenger side of the police vehicle) began speaking about detaining people for refusing to provide their info. He also went on to say that they could detain people until they are satisfied that person is not going to commit a crime.

Being there alone I decided to once again submit and give them my ID.

about a half hour later I was speaking with the other protester, who was now waving his sign at cars that drove by. I asked him if the police had requested to see his ID. He told me that they had not.

So after the police told me that they HAD to ID everyone in the area.. They left him alone. I guess to the police, a camera is much more dangerous then a sign.

Without any one else there, I decided to just join in with the protester. We stayed until 8pm, getting many cars to honk in support.

The next day one newspaper went as far as Calling us the two "lowly" protestors..

This event for me was a real wake up call to the police state we live in. Not only were my rights trampled on, but the msm insulted the both of us (big surprise).

More people need to wake up to this nonsense before it is too late!

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