New Orwellian Smartphone App

Monday, April 12, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 5:54 AM

Called Recognizr, this is a prototype cell phone app created by Swedish software and design company, The Astonishing Tribe. Using face detection technology and Internet search engines this app will be able to trace the image to social networking sites and other photos and information of subject on the Internet. Enabling a sort of instant background check for the average smart-phone user.

Technology is a double-edged sword. Without these technologies we wouldn’t have many of the fun and interesting capabilities at our finger tips, but how much is too much? With the rise of CCTV cameras in the UK and America you can only wonder what kind of facial recognition and detection capabilities they hold? How comfortable will you feel when you can no longer walk the street without someone knowing who you are? Simply due to the advancements of our big brother technology, a complete invasion of privacy. How long till police officers are given access to these technologies so they can secure the public?

If I were walking down the street and someone stopped me and said, “Hi Kelley, off to work?” When I ask how did they know and respond with “Oh I took a picture of you and it brought me to your facebook page….” That would have me seriously questioning the pros about the direction of technology today and it’s true purpose.


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