New city anti protesting bylaws

Thursday, April 1, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 1:54 PM

In a move that would impress the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao..
The city of Brantford is now passing anti protesting bylaws in light of the native land claims and protests.

A quote from the Brantford expositor
" The city may have passed its anti-protesting bylaws quickly and quietly, but it did so legally, lawyers for the municipality said Wednesday."
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After other recent large decisions being made by our city council, being made behind closed doors and with no community input. Our city government is sliding down a very slippery slope. In other protests around the world we have heard of terms like "free speech zones". After reading several articles on the passing of these new bylaws, I have heard the term "free speech zones" and other very similar terms several times.

The precedence is being set for any other protests or rallies that would be held in the future. The city will have the ability to prevent or shut down any actions that they do not approve of, by law!

The Canadian Charter of Rights clearly states that we have the freedom to peacefully assemble and the freedom of speech. I am going to also add that we have the right to choose those who will govern our country.

We do not need to elect other people into our council. We need a complete overhaul of our city hall and the way it operates. At every level and in every city department. They seem to have forgotten one key thing. That we the people hold the power and have the final word. Not city councillors in private meetings.

This is happening in every city, and country!! Do a google search for laws that go against peoples rights... You will get millions of search results!

We need to make Brantford a shinning light in a tunnel of darkness! An election will not do that.

If you love this city/country it is time to stop this craziness!

WAC Brantford is holding a meeting on April 7 2010 at 6pm. At Coffee Culture in Harmony Square.
Anyone who wants to change our community for the better please come!

Here is the event link on facebook.!/event.php?eid=109488369071993&ref=mf

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