Mohawk College Students are voting 3 to 1 in favour of leaving Brantford

Monday, April 5, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 4:29 AM

"The majority of Mohawk Brantford students responding to an online survey and speaking out at several recent open houses are in favour of relocating the campus to Hamilton.

Mohawk spokesman Jay Robb said students are voting 3-1 in favour of moving to Hamilton rather than relocating to downtown Brantford."

The Expositor

In that article is also states that federal funding of $10 million to move the campus downtown fell threw.
So after the city rushed their plans for downtown. With projects like demolishing the south side of Colborne, to build a new YMCA gym. The cost of that project alone to the tax payers will most likely pass $20 million. That we now know, after being told it would be under the $12 million goal. The federal funding for the new YMCA has also been turned down.

We have seen this kind of city planning way to often in our city! Take a look at Market Square Mall and the parking garage downtown. Both have been extreme failures.
Now this new plan and direction for our downtown seems to be falling apart.

Does our city council recognize this? There are several of them that do. But the original 6 that have been pushing this plan are sticking to their guns. Unwilling to waiver. The head of the south side project Councillor Mark Littell has shown that he will not listen to the community or anyone else. Mr Littell seems to be hell bent on pushing the plans through no matter what happens. Maybe that is because he is running for mayor and wants to appear as the guy "who gets things done".

If getting things done include destruction of our heritage and history, handing the tax payers of the city a $20 million dollar bill, and loosing a college that has been in the city for 40 years. Then I guess he is getting things done!

It is not surprising that Mr Littell is also in the middle of a workplace harassment case. That an employee of his filed. It is said that Mr Littel verbally harassed the employee over an email she sent. The email had negative statements about Mr Littel.
I do not know how Mr Littell gained the knowledge of the contents of the email.

We cannot allow an inept city council and Mayor to push forward these plans that are falling apart. If we would like to see revitalization of downtown. We all need to step up and make sure the right direction is being taken.

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