We Are Change Chicago confronts Al Gore about climategate

Saturday, March 27, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 6:49 AM

On Tuesday, November 24Th 2009, former vice president Al Gore attended a book signing event, at the Borders Bookstore on 150 N. State Street in Chicago.

The We Are Change Chicago chapter also attended the event. Several We Are change members confronted Al Gore about climategate and the hacked CRU emails. One of them even handed Al Gore the petition of the 31,486 scientists who say that Global Warming is a complete hoax.

Al gore just smirked and shrugged them off.. Then had them "escorted" out. The craziest part I think is when the woman in the crowd, who is obviously still asleep decided to tell Saad Ali (We Are Change member) how crazy he is.

Here is the video:

We need to do this everywhere these con artists go! Make it known that we are not going to stand for this! When over 31,000 scientists are willing to sign a petition that global warming is a fraud, There needs to be at the VERY least a public debate of the facts. We cannot allow them to pass a carbon tax (on western countries only) without seeing the facts.

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