Angus calls out Minister Prentice for failing to protect Canadian heritage

Saturday, February 27, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 11:14 AM

TIMMINS – Forty-one pre-confederation heritage buildings in the city of Brantford are about the be demolished, and the minister responsible for protecting Canada’s built heritage has done nothing to stop it; in fact, a fellow cabinet minister is using $1.38 million of ‘stimulus’ to make it happen.

“I appreciate the concerns of the City of Brantford to undergo commercial revitalization. I support the mandate of the Southern Ontario Development Program to ‘build on the assets of communities," New Democrat Heritage and Culture Critic Charlie Angus said in a letter to Minister Prentice. “It is, however, questionable as to whether this mandate is being met if federal tax-dollars are being used to send a historically-significant neighbourhood to the landfill site.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what a stupid tool. Should have done that YEARS!!! ago.
    They are to fare gone. Deal with it, and focus your attention on buildings that can actually be saved.
    You had lots of time to do something and just sat on your fucking ass until the city said they are coming down, then the thumb came out of your ass and you started to do something.
    To little 20 years to late.

  1. TJ says:

    thx Jill lol. Those buildings were privatly owned until 2010.
    The property assement officers (for the city) did not do there jobs for almost 30 years!!
    And those buidings had been reveawed by the heritage council (more then once) and they had advised the city they should be designated as heritage buildings.. More then once.
    So to say that no one has done anything until now is a very uneducated statement. But thank you for your input :)

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