The plan to demolish the south side of Colborne Street

Saturday, January 23, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 4:54 PM

To start off, here are a few quotes from the Brantford Expositor on this matter.

"the city will give up $109,930 in property taxes this year and a further $62,000 in taxes to the education system".

"The Downtown Business Improvement Association also will lose $7,400 this year".

"The city could continue to lose at least that much in tax revenue for every year that the stretch languishes vacant, without assessment-earning development".

"Coun. Dan McCreary, who looked at the report, says the document demonstrates a lack of full consideration of important cost factors in the South Side of Colborne Task Force's "hasty" plan to expropriate a large stretch of properties in one fell swoop, quickly evict all tenants and tear down buildings that could have generated revenue.

"The total assessment value for the properties was $5.6 million, and we are paying $11.5 million to expropriate it, at least according to the estimate the task force is using," McCreary said in an interview Monday".

The Expositor

So in reality we the citizens of Bantford are loosing these historic buildings and are going to loose out on thousands of tax dollars for a period of time (pretty much until they decide what they are going to do with the land).

While the owners of these buildings (Steve Kuhn and a few others) Will get a payout of almost double the buildings worth.

Now too me this makes no sense. The city is going to hurt the Brantford economy in an already hard time, And reward these people who have done nothing to deserve it. When I say they have done nothing.. That is exactly what I mean. They have owned these properties for many years. But have done nothing to fix them, replace them or anything else. Unless you count the great idea of putting plywood up on them and painting store fronts on the wood.

Local leaders remain committed to a plan to build a new YMCA on the land. Even though they were denied funding by the federal government. This is the same style of planning that got downtown where it is now!

If we want change in our community. We have to stand up and become the change! No more of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer! Lets give the corrupt criminals in city hall a slep in the face by putting a stop to this!

They are rushing this through as fast as they can! So if you would like to do something about it.. Please contact us, organize your own community movement, donate to us, Just stand up and do something! And do it now!

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