One-piece, enhanced licences now available

Thursday, January 14, 2010 , Posted by TJ at 4:08 PM

Manitoba’s new one-piece driver’s licences, as well as radio-frequency enhanced licences, are now available to the public.

The new cards are part of Manitoba Public Insurance’s plan to modernize its licences and renewal system.

Starting Monday, everyone who renews their licence or applies for a new one will receive a one-piece licence instead of the old two-piece system. All Manitoba drivers will have the cards by the end of February 2011, but anyone wishing to get one ahead of their renewal date can do so for a $10 fee.

Enhanced driver’s licences that allow holders to drive to the U.S. without a passport also became available yesterday. MPI introduced enhanced identification cards last winter, but uptake has been slow. The enhanced licences also serve as a driver’s licence, while the enhanced ID cards do not.

MPI has also changed its renewal system, moving from a one-year cycle to a five-year cycle as of yesterday. Drivers will still have to pay for their licences every year, but will not have to visit an Autopac agent to renew every year unless they want to change their policy.

— Winnipeg Sun

Microchip in your license, bank card, credit card... whats next? Oh ya you!!!

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